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"I had pregnancy related sciatica and could not find comfort standing, sitting, or lying down. The very first treatment, I had immediate relief! I continued treatment and had a wonderful pregnancy thanks to chiropractic! We love you guys!"

Melinda Meyers

Dr. Paul has been instrumental in helping alleviate my sinus and allergy issues to the point where I no longer need to take allergy shots! The adjustments and nutritional plan have increased my energy and overall health!

Kathy Olson

To Whom It May Concern:
For over 20 years I have personally and professionally known Dr. Paul Curcio. Our family has received his professional services from Chiropractic Family Health Centre and have found those services to be exceptional. I have also worked with him in several professional capacities and have seen his business acumen at a high level. Further Chiropractic Family Health Centre and Dr. Paul Curcio have been the epitome of great corporate citizens with consistent community involvement and sponsorship.

Gayle Bailey, Principal Broker

To whom it may concern:
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Paul Curcio for several years now. His outstanding professionalism coupled with his compassion enables him to serve our community in so many gracious ways. I was truly inspired by Dr. Cashion’s desire to serve the needs of the victims in Haiti last year. Dr. Cashion volunteered to serve in Haiti after the devastating earthquake and is always willing to help and serve others generously. I further appreciate Dr. Curcio’s earnest desire to help people in dire need without any limitations. As a fellow business owner, I truly respect and admire the way the Doctors run their Chiropractic business. They are efficient, responsible, caring and compassionate. They have impacted the community with their utmost care for people.

I have referred many patients to their office and we all concur that in the Chiropractic Family Health Centre, people are always greeted by warm smiles and caring hearts. Both doctors treat all the patients with much kindness and are extremely thorough with a true heart of service.
I heartily endorse both Doctors, their professionalism, and their character.

Caroline Guirgis

Owner of Executive Solutions, LLC

I experienced numbness, tingling, and burning down my arm and my boys frequently had ear infections. The boys have been extremely healthy, even in day care. They have not had anymore ear infections and are generally more resistant to viruses and flus. We love you guys!


Dr. Paul does a great job! He is not afraid to be aggressive in treatment. Have not incurred pain for over a year. Current treatment to maintain spinal health

D.S. Nguyen

I cannot express enough how Dr. Paul has helped me feel better. Before I went to see them i couldn’t turn my neck all the way or lay on my stomach and I had trouble doing any kind of exercise where I had to lower my head – all these motions produced only PAIN. Dr. Paul identified that I had FHP – forward head posture and has worked with me to correct this to the point that I am PAIN FREE and never better!

C Wolniewicz


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