February 15, 2018

Chiropractic Versus Inflammation

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Chiropractic versus inflammation by Dr. Paul Curcio, D.C.[/caption]The body is designed to respond to injury or infection by displaying inflammation such as redness or swelling. Dr. Paul Curcio, D.C has helped many people dealing with chronic pain understand the battle of chiropractic versus inflammation. Inflammation is a signal that something is wrong as it is a natural occurrence to an internal threat. Consistent inflammation can cause bigger problems down the road and should be checked out immediately.

Problems Caused by Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation over long periods of time can lead to arthritis, Chron's disease, or asthma. Visiting a quality chiropractor can often result in decreasing chronic inflammation. The nervous system controls many parts of our body and contributes to the immune system's productivity. Chiropractic adjustments can influence the nervous system's controls and many chiropractors focus on restoring proper function rather than treating pain.Some benefits you experience after a visit with a quality chiropractor is relief from muscle spasms, improved flexibility and posture, reduced inflammation, enhanced body function, decreased pain, and overall health.Other treatments include acupuncture, cupping, custom orthotics, massage therapy, reflexology, and more.

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