September 30, 2018

Depression and Chiropractic


Thousands of people experience daily depression. Some cases can be mild, but many are severe. Neither have to be accepted as a normal part of life. There is a common frustration when it comes to medical versus natural treatments. The side effects of medicine can seem invasive and unhealthy so many patients prefer a more natural approach to fighting depression. There is wisdom in participating in both types of treatment depending on the type of depression you are experiencing.If you are looking to combine medicine with natural treatment or are looking for more natural alternative options, a chiropractic doctor is a great place to get a consultation when experiencing depression. You will be taken through a thorough examination that may find imbalances within your body that could be contributing to your negative symptoms. Something as simple as a vertebrae being out of place can cause negative reactions in the body. A vertebrae being out of place can put unnecessary pressure to surrounding nerves. A blocked nerve can affect many areas of the body.What to Do When Experiencing DepressionThink about it, depression can cause tension headaches, stiff shoulders/necks, back pain, a lowered immune system, etc. Many people experience depression if their body is out of balance, experiencing a great amount of stress, or even when there is a lack of rest. If you suffer from depression, consider consulting with your primary care physician or therapist if you have one. A multidisciplinary approach can be very effective as people respond positively to different types of treatments. Exercise, education, relaxation routines, and behavioral treatments combined by a well-trained chiropractor are commonly used as an effective treatment to many ailments in the body. If experiencing depression contact your primary care physician and/or local chiropractor today.To Your Health Success,

Dr. Paul Curcio

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