May 31, 2018

Stop Ignoring Back Pain

Having a healthy nervous system is important if you want to prevent overall body pain, so it is important to stop ignoring back pain. Damage to any part of the central nervous system or peripheral nerves can cause neuropathic pain.The spinal chord helps protect this nervous system. Something as small as a misaligned spine can lead to unnecessary compression on a nerve root. There are many causes of back pain and a few of them include arthritis, sciatica, herniated disc, strained muscle, spinal stenosis, etc.4 Reasons to Stop Ignoring Back Pain - Dr. Paul Curio, D.C.

  1. Can Damage Nerves
  2. Disrupt Normal Lifestyle Activity
  3. Can Negatively Affect Posture
  4. Slipped Disc Issues

Exercise, education, relaxation routines, and behavioral treatments combined by a well trained chiropractor are commonly used as an effective treatment. Proper treatment can help reverse and/or prevent back pain as well as result in relief from muscle spasms, reduced pain and inflammation, enhance overall health and body function, and restore balance and wellness. By removing the stress from your spinal column (without the use of drugs or surgery), your health will be restored naturally. Your body will regain wholeness.Dr. Paul Curio, D.C.

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