March 31, 2018

Ankle and Foot Pain

Dr. Paul Curcio

Many athletes see a chiropractor for ankle and foot pain. Chiropractors adjust extremities as often as they adjust spines. They will adjust any place two bones meet that are misaligned. There are 26 bones in a foot and all of those joints have to work in unity with each other. When a joint is misaligned a foot can hurt. Joints that lock or jam from slips, falls, repetitive motions, sporting injuries, or other causes, lose their normal range of motion and position and will often times become inflamed. This invites scar tissue and joint decay. Something as simple as footwear or weight gain can allow the bones of the feet shift out of alignment and cause foot, heel, or ankle pain.Reoccurring ankle injuries, as well as reduced muscle stimulation due to limited mobility while recovering, can affect the way a person walks and shifts weight to knees, feet and ankles. This can overtax the leg and spine and increase the odds of sustaining other injuries.For years, Dr. Paul Curcio, D.C has helped patients address their ankle pain by working toward permanent healing and long-term relief.

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