July 28, 2017

Dr. Paul Curcio, D.C. Chiropractic Insight

Dr. Paul Curcio, D.C.

If you deal with back pain and think that your only option is visiting a regular doctor or getting surgery, then it is important to visit a local quality chiropractor. Many people who see a chiropractor regularly have experienced less pain and some no longer experience back pain. Check out some of the Chiropractic Family Health video reviews. Read further for Dr. Paul Curcio's, D.C. Chiropractic advice for back pain.Chiropractic care for back pain is a topic that many people may feel nervous about trying or discussing but a quality chiropractor is a safe and effective way to confront back pain. It was first used as a form of treatment starting as far back as 1895 from a doctor who noticed a patient had a vertebra out of place and adjusted it to restore a patient’s hearing. Most people think of chiropractors and think of neck or back adjustments to help with neck or back pain but this type of treatment has more to offer than the basic assumptions.

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Chiropractic Family Health Centre concentrates on musculoskeletal disorders and nervous systems, and how they affect the body. If you need to treat an acute emergency, infection, suspect a chronic disease, fracture, or broken bone then of course it is important to see a medical doctor immediately. But, if you are looking for other options than surgery or are tired of taking chemical filled medications than a chiropractic visit may be for you.

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His area of chiropractic expertise is in the treatment of sports injuries. He gained insight to the athlete as a player on the four-time national champion, Palmer rugby team. Dr. Curcio has handled hundreds of athletes, amateur and professional; including Olympic, Junior Olympic ice skaters as well as numerous Washington Redskins Players. Dr. Paul Curcio is committed to clinical excellence and quality patient care.

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